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Friends Reunited Under the Sun: A Bright Day at Greenwich - 23rd June 2024

Our solar viewing session at the Royal Observatory Greenwich on Sunday 23rd June was a hit, and not just because of the sunshine! With skies clear enough to make us forget the British weather for a few hours, we enjoyed a splendid three and a half hours of solar gazing before clouds reminded us of where we are.

"Right, how the hell do we align this again?"... Richard, Tej and Mike ponder the mysteries of solar alignment - Picture by Eddie Cantello

We had around 250 visitors who witnessed sunspots, prominences, and one enormous filament through our H-alpha solar telescope. The ever-popular “Sunspotter” device, projecting an image of the solar surface, kept the crowd entertained once again.

Tej in full flow with some of our many visitors - picture by Philip Benson

Our crew of 12 volunteers were the true stars, though: Philip, Eddie, Tej, Helen, David, Clive, Grey, Mike, Tony, Tim, Leslie, and Richard. It was fantastic to have a blend of seasoned pros and enthusiastic newcomers. It was wonderful to welcome Tony back after a short absence and to see Grey, who played a key role in revitalizing these solar viewing sessions over a decade ago, make a cameo appearance.

Some of our fantastic volunteer team: Eddie, Helen, Leslie, Tej, Philip, David, Richard and Tony - picture by Mike Meynell

With temperatures climbing into the mid-20s Celsius, our volunteers kept their cool (literally and figuratively). Massive thanks to all for their energy and commitment.

The clouds that finally ended our solar viewing session - picture by Mike Meynell

Here’s to clear skies and more sunny smiles at our next event!

Pictures from the event (by Philip Benson, Eddie Cantello and Mike Meynell):


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