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Stargazing Events

Go Stargazing

General Astronomy & History

Flamsteed John Harrison, Longitude, Navigation & Timekeeping links

Royal Observatory Greenwich

National Maritime Museum

Science @ NASA

Cloudy Nights

The Jodcast


365 days of astronomy

New Scientist Space channel

Stuart Clark’s Universe

Mauna Kea Observatories

European Southern Observatory

Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes

Royal Observatory Edinburgh

United States Naval Observatory

British Astronomical Association

Society for the History of Astronomy

Society for Popular Astronomy

Royal Astronomical Society

Royal Institution of Great Britain

Royal Society

Cambridge Relativity & Gravitation Group

Birr Castle

Local Astronomy Societies

Federation of Astronomical Societies

Baker Street Irregulars

Orpington Astronomical Society

Crayford Manor House Astronomical Society

Croydon Astronomical Society

East Sussex Astronomical Society

West of London Astronomical Society

Mid-Kent Astronomical Society

South East Kent Astronomical Society

Thurrock Astronomy Society

Havering Astronomical Society

General Advice

The Royal Astronomical Society on ‘Getting started in astronomy’

The Society for Popular Astronomy

Sky & Telescope’s ‘Choosing Your Astronomy Equipment’

Judge the cloud cover with

Met Office 5-day Forecasts

Metcheck forecasts

BBC Weather

Met Office Space Weather


Met Office UK rainfall animation

Atlantic Jet Stream Forecast

UK satellite image

Solar Activity

SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) latest images

Sunspots from SOHO



Plan Observing

Jodrell Bank Night Sky Page

SPA Events


Sky & Telescope Interactive Chart (Greenwich 9pm)

Download Stellarium


Radio & TV Programmes

BBC The Sky at Night



Where to find Astro Events

RAS Lunchtime Lectures

Gresham College Lectures

Herstmonceux Science Centre


News and topical events

NASA Kepler Mission


ESA Herschel Space Observatory

ESA Planck Space Telescope

NASA Messenger to Mercury

ESA Venus Express

NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

ESA Mars Express

NASA Mars Rovers

NASA Cassini-Huygens

Hubble News

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day

BBC Science

Astronomy Now Online

Sky & Telescope News

New Scientist Space

Astronomy Today

Scientific American

Science Daily

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