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Clouds, Smiles and THE SUN

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Saturday 26th August 2023 was our last public Solar observing event for the 2023 season. The weather did not look promising from all the reports on the telly so I was dreading the dreaded "Cancelled notice".

But wait, what's this, Now some say he's a distant relative of a Sky god. Others see him as a warlock. We just know him as "The Flamsteed weather guru" Mike, who sent a note saying "Confirmed on", Yesss I thought to myself were doing this.

The session started fabulously with some nice clearish skies and the sun was putting on one great show with two large sunspot groups and prominences nearly everywhere you looked around the edge of the disk. What a sight.

But, of course, the day was interrupted with clouds rolling in and out so its hard to give an exact number of visitors as they came went and then came back :) but I'm guessing around the 200 mark looking though the telescope and sunspotter which for the day was great.

Image credit Mike Meynell

The team for the day were a great bunch and as you can see the smiles didn't stop just because of the clouds.

Image credit Simon Hurst

The committee would like to thank all of our great members who gave up their spare time (you know who you are) to help run these events. We honestly couldn't do them without your support.

Look forward to the 2024 season :)

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