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23rd Annual General Meeting

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed towards making the 23rd Annual General Meeting of the Flamsteed Astronomy Society a success. The event was held on the 12th of September, and this was the first time we had conducted an AGM in ‘hybrid’ format where we had members in the Lecture Theatre and also logged in via Zoom.

In terms of overall attendance, we had a total of 71. This was a tremendous record given the recent passing of Queen Elizabeth II and all the memorial events, protocols and guidelines from DCMS which had to be adhered to during the mourning period.

A tremendous thanks to Sarah Foster and Tessa Mo and the ROG team for moving the Book of Condolences for Her Majesty, into the foyer area to make it easy for members to sign. This was a great help on the night as the previous plan was to escort small groups to the other end of the museum where the book was originally placed. The members appreciated this small gesture and thanks to Andy Sawers for sending me the initial request to make this available.

Asra did her customary meet and greet to all visitors and also guided members to the Book of Condolences. Thanks for this, Asra, and also for greeting new members and telling them about our events and plans.

Dr. Brown and Dr. Ed Bloomer put together a double act out in the foyer to do book signing for the ROG Illuminates Series. This worked out great and there were lots of members who purchased multiple books and were able to get them autographed by the authors. Thanks to Adrian Challinor for organising the logistics of the book signing event on the day and we are also grateful to the team at the bookshop for facilitating the sale of books.

Tej Dyal used to be a very quiet and reserved person, but who was that who hosted the talk?

Certainly not the same person.