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Celebrating 16 years of the Flamsteed Astronomy Society

At our Christmas lecture, on Monday 14 December 2015, the Flamsteed celebrated its “sweet-16th” birthday. We had over a hundred Flamsteed members in attendance, who were also treated to a superb lecture by Professor Alan Fitzsimmons.

To mark the occasion, Christina arranged for lots of little sweet bags for our members to take away, as well as a huge chocolate cake and an aptly space-themed cake:

We're celebrating our 16th anniversary this evening. Christmas too. Lots of Flamsteed fun to be had tonight! — Flamsteed AS (@Flamsteed) December 14, 2015

A huge chocolate cake to celebrate our 16th anniversary. Very tasty it was too! — Flamsteed AS (@Flamsteed) December 14, 2015

We even had an aptly space themed cake… Also very tasty! — Flamsteed AS (@Flamsteed) December 14, 2015

Finally, we had lots of little sweet packs to hand out to members – it's our Sweet 16th after all! — Flamsteed AS (@Flamsteed) December 14, 2015

Andy very kindly put together a video of images from the past 16 years.

Here’s to the next 16 years. As Andy mentions in the video, thanks to everyone who has made the Flamsteed such a great success (and such great fun!).

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