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The Flamsteed Summer Social 2024: A Recap

Ah, the Flamsteed Summer Social, or as I like to call it, “Four-ish Pints of Lager and a Not-So-Secret Garden of Snacks.” Before you raise your pitchforks and torches, clamouring for the traditional packet of crisps, let me stop you right there. We’re rebels with a culinary cause, swapping out the expected for chips and carrots with hummus. Take that, pub snack conformity! And eating is not cheating - we are being sociable. 😊

Now, let’s set the scene: I arrived early, not because I’m eager (okay, maybe a little), but because I had to come straight from another engagement. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Soon after, the trio of merriment - Bobby, Mike, and Poly - made their grand entrance, which was perfect timing for the meet-and-greet extravaganza. The atmosphere was like a balloon, inflating with every new arrival, filled with laughter and the buzz of conversations.

Pictures by Poly Philippou

“Did I miss out?” you ask, with a tinge of FoMO in your voice. Oh, absolutely! The venue was a hit, with drinks priced for the common folk and food that made your taste buds sing. The vibe? Nothing short of electric. The tables were alive with the sound of chatter and laughter, and I think better than everyone else there!

I could ramble on, but I fear the president (oh, you know who) might send me to the metaphorical gallows for oversharing. 😊 So, let’s wrap this up with a round of applause for Poly, the mastermind behind this fantastic evening. Cheers to you, Poly, for orchestrating a night that will go down in the annals of Flamsteed history as nothing short of legendary.

Pictures by Manish Patel

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