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Sunshine and Clouds: Public Solar Viewing - 25th May 2024

The Flamsteed volunteers set up their telescopes on Saturday, 25th May, for our public solar viewing event.

Despite an overcast day at times, this did not stop passersby from asking questions, waiting in line, and learning new things. We welcomed a family from Dallas (who had seen the eclipse), individuals with no astronomy knowledge, and even some experienced enthusiasts who asked for advice on which filters to buy next for their telescopes.

Overall, it was a lovely, engaging day with the public, promoting the wonders of astronomy. At one point, Mike suggested we close down due to the clouds, but the crowd still waited in line, hoping to get a chance to see something—and they did.

A big thanks to all the volunteers for a great day, and next time you hear about filaments, picture seeing them at the next solar viewing event!

Pictures from the event (by Mike Meynell):


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