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Sky This Month : November 2012

by Mike Meynell

At our lecture on 29 October 2012, we looked at a number of easier objects to view in the night sky:

All are still superb targets for binoculars or small telescopes. In this presentation, we will look at some slightly more challenging objects to view:

  1. Triangulum Galaxy (M33)

  2. Ceres, Dwarf Planet

  3. Crab Nebula (M1)

  4. Globular Cluster M15

  5. Don’t forget that Saturn and Venus will be just half a degree apart on the morning of 27 November, just before sunrise, with Mercury also visible low on the horizon.

The presentation is shown in the video below. Watch it full screen to see the star maps clearly. Press the spacebar to pause and restart the video. If the video is not displayed correctly below, watch it on YouTube here.


All star maps are via Sky Safari.

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