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Observing and Imaging Group – 28-Inch Refractor Imaging Session

Our first official Observing and Imaging Group session on the ROG’s 28-inch refractor managed to coincide with forecasts of clear skies. An unheard of combination!

Not unsurprisingly, the clouds began to gather as our session was due to start, but not enough to prevent the scope being put to some use. Seven of us had attended with hopes of capturing the next masterpiece of Jupiter using a variety of cameras from high frame rate video to DSLR’s. There were even several attempts made with camera phones!

Sadly the seeing was not with us and thin cloud led to soft and unsteady images. Imaging was then abandoned for some light observing with eyepieces. Typically as our time slot drew to a close, despite there still being some cloud, seeing improved significantly once the cameras were put away! Ah well!

Still the experience did, I think, suggest we could capture a reasonable quality image given good seeing.

Fingers crossed for the next event!

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