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Blackheath Stargazing – 9 January 2014

Under the Plough

Under the Plough

Our first observing session of 2014 and our first for many weeks, due to weather, proved to be an enormous success.

The event was not only promoted as a Flamsteed observing session, but also as one of the BBC’s Stargazing Live’s events which took place the same week. We elected to hold the event on Thursday and were rewarded with the best weather we have had for weeks, clear skies and minimal wind.

Despite a scheduled start of 8pm, many people had arrived by 7.30pm with numbers steadily increasing throughout the evening. Over 100 people from seasoned astronomers to youngsters with their Mums and Dads were in attendance at any one time to look through the multitude of scopes available on the night. This lead to an overall attendance estimated at over 250 making it one of our most successful Blackheath sessions ever.

Towards the end of the event, the inevitable wisps of cloud appeared, bringing some wind which thwarted some attempts at imaging being made. However this was too late to affect what had been an excellent night overall.

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