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Astro News + Astro Highlights – Theatre & Zoom event – 22 February 2022

So after being away for almost two years…

Slingshot around the sun, charge the flux capacitor or use the force – whatever your favourite film is, there’s no way round it: we’re baaaack in the lecture theatre!

And boldly doing what no other astronomy society has done before (probably): we’re only zooming at the same time!

So before I carry on I’ve got to say thanks to Bobby, Andy and Tej [edit: plenty of thanks to you, too, Simon!] and from the NMM tech team Richard and Isaac for helping to get this to a level where we can offer both to our members – the real-world onsite lecture theatre experience and the stay-at-home on Zoom with better wine experience.

Around 6.45pm on Tuesday night, members were beginning to arrive, greeted by Asra Jilani and a nice cup of coffee or tea from Clive Inglis. No biscuits this time, but don’t worry: I’m assured that next time they’ll be there.

But damn! I didn’t realise how much I missed those Styrofoam cups and of course meeting other members – not that I had much time to do that, as it turned out, but it was still great to see some familiar faces and some brand new ones.

Our host for the evening, Flamsteed chair Bobby Manoo, showing us that standing is an option now as well.

Bobby introducing not one but two speakers for our first time back – we do spoil our members 🙂

And look! No, you’re not hallucinating: that’s actual people in the lecture theatre

Adrian Challinor took the podium next to give us an Astronomy news bulletin filled with everything from the JWST to weird, newly-discovered stars.

Next up, the one and only Malcolm Porter, who ran us though all the upcoming Astronomical Highlights for the coming year – and some are even on his bucket list

So you all know what comes next, right?

Correct! Barry Cassels holds the Q&A session, taking questions not only from our members watching via Zoom but, strangely, from actual people right there in the theatre as well!

And look: they’ve all got legs 🙂

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